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2015 - 2016

Brook St Voice is a parent/carer group set up to give parents a voice in school. It is a more informal line of communication between home and school. Each class has parent representatives who are available for any non – urgent concerns or questions. They will be able to pass on ideas at the half termly Brook St Voice meetings.


The meetings have been well attended and we have representatives for each year group including the Early Years.


We have discussed a variety of topic including school uniform, looking at how children come into school, how school communicates with parents, safer internet use and completed a consultation about Melbourne Park play area.

We have had positive feedback from the parents who attend and some good quality discussions about concerns that they have and some excellent ideas which have been used already in school.


Currently the Parent Voice are busy organising the Summer Fair, our big fundraising event in school.


Action points

  • All parents felt it was much better with the large gates open in the mornings, which we have done.
  • Parents would like school to continue to line up the children before coming into school, with staff then collecting their class from the yard, as felt it was a much calmer start to the day.
  • It was suggested that we advertise Nursery places as most parents hadn’t realised we had a Nursery – a large banner has been made and put up outside school.
  • If parents would like to find out more about Parent Voice or need to know the names of the class representatives, please contact Mrs Spence via the School Office.


Brook St Voice has had a busy first year discussing a variety of issues including school dinners, uniform, parents’ courses and parking problems. Our first fund raising event, the Summer Fair, was a great success raising over £1500 pounds for school funds. A big thank you to all the Brook St Voice members, the mid- day supervisors, Brook St Staff and Tescos who donated not only food and toys but their time to help us on the day. It was a brilliant event which is now on the Brook St School fund raising calendar!


Brook St Voice Representatives


Lisa Sherlock

 Maria Winstanley


Eileen Warmsley

Kym Birkett

Y2  Mr Welsh 

Susan Nugent

Peter Able

Y2 Mrs Bardgett 

Ashley Anderson

Fiona  Robson


Sharon Young


Viola Nama


Julie Campbell


Alicia Donoghue

Kirsty  Shelley


Meetings 2015 – 2016 – All meeting will be held a t 9.10.

Friday 20th November

Friday 15th January

Friday 4th March

Friday 22nd April

Friday 24th June

New members are always welcome. We normally have 2 representatives for each class .Please contact the school office for information or talk to your class representative.

Thank you

Jan Spence

01228 558724