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Aims and Values



Living to Learn, Learning to Live – Together


At Brook Street Primary School we promote high achievement and learning for life by helping children to aim high and ……..


Aims for Pupils.


• To become highly motivated life-long learners

• To achieve high standards in all areas of learning

• To develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity

• To have high self esteem – respecting themselves, others and the environment

• To be self disciplined to work independently and collaboratively

• To be flexible and adaptable for the modern world

• To seek to extend themselves in mind, body and spirit


Aims as spoken by children.


• I want to enjoy learning and I want to find out more and more for
ever and ever.

• I want to do my best in everything I am doing.

• I want to find out about the world around me and ask lots of questions.

• I want to care about myself, other people and the world in which I live.

• I want to be responsible for how I behave and work. I want to work
well with other people.

• I want to be able to think, learn and change in different ways
in our modern world.

• I want to stretch my mind, body and spirit as I find out about the
world around me.




We believe that each child will succeed by experiencing quality in:


• A broad and challenging curriculum.

• A welcoming, stimulating and safe learning environment.

• An appropriate, varied and up to date range of learning resources.

• An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to succeed.

• Learning partnership between school, home and the wider community.

• An enriching programme of extra-curricular activities and visits.

• Ensuring equal opportunities for all.


We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by


• Striving for continuous improvement in all that we do.

• Working collaboratively towards common goals.

• Being a You can Do It! School.

• Providing Extended Hours Facilities.

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