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Here you will find a list of the teaching staff of Brook Street primary School with a brief note as to their responsibilities and associated year group.



Mr J Bursnall, Headteacher

SMT, Safeguarding, Assessment


Mrs L Meyers Deputy Headteacher

Year 5 teacher, SMT, Safeguarding, SDO, Behaviour, Writing, Teaching and Learning, NQT Mentor


Mrs D Beattie, Inclusion Manager

Teacher, SENCO, Inclusion, Gifted and Talented, Looked After Children, Safeguarding


Mrs S Graham, Foundation Stage Manager

FSU Teacher, Reading, NQT Mentor


Miss H Watson

Reception teacher, RE


Mrs L Absalom 

Year 1 teacher


Mrs J Spence 

Year 1/2 teacher, History, Geography, Support for Parents


Miss E Pomfret 

Year 2 teacher, Science, Arts, Music, DT, Drama


Mr G Kennedy

Year 3 teacher, NQT 


Miss S Kirk

Y3/4 teacher


Mrs N Bardgett 

Year 4 teacher, Maths, Speaking and Listening


Miss K Alexander

Year 5 teacher


Mrs E Taylor

Year 6 teacher, Reading



Mrs E Simpson (maternity leave)



Mrs A Joniec (Foundation Stage)

Teaching Assistant


Mrs L Marlow (Reception)

Senior Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Bulman (Year 1)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss J Haughan (Year 1)

Teaching Assistant


Mrs V Prudham (Year 1/2)

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Simpson(Year 1/2)

Teaching Assistant


Miss R Thompson (Year 2)

Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Kirkpatrick (Year 3)

Senior Teaching Assistant


Miss D Mellor (Year 3/4)

Senior Teaching Assistant


Mrs H Nugent (Year 4)

Teaching Assistant


Miss A Clark

Teaching Assistant


Miss C Bulman (Year 5)

Teaching Assistant


Mrs A Short (Year 6)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant



Mrs G Haughan

Head of Administration


Mrs K Howes

Administration Assistant


Miss C Hill

Administration Apprentice


Miss A Donoghue

Midday Supervisor


Mrs E Donoghue

Midday Supervisor


Mrs M Ferreira

Midday Supervisor


Ms A Tate

Midday Supervisor


Mrs I Taylor

P/t Midday Supervisor


Ms M Winstanley

Midday Supervisor



Mr R Whitehead

Site Manager


Staff for whom school does not have responsibility

Julie Hall – Cook

Debbie Story – Kitchen Assistant

Melanie Thornthwaite - Kitchen Assistant

Maria Ferreira – Cleaner

Elaine Lightfoot – Cleaner

Anna Milner - Cleaner

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