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Core Subjects

The core subject are English, Maths and Science.


When we re-designed our curriculum at Brook Street we adopted the Essentials Curriculum to support the planning and teaching of science but did not make any significant changes to our planning and teaching of the other core subjects, English or Maths. Both of these subject had been going through a regular cycle of monitoring, evaluation and adjustment since the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2014 and no wholesale change was required. However, this section sets out some of the essential information for visitors to our website about how we plan, teach and assess these subjects. More detailed information can be found in the curriculum document which is available on the previous page. 


English - Reading

Reading is taught by systematic synthetic phonics and small group guided reading. A love of reading if promoted and fostered though the AR scheme, class readers, our school library and through daily English lessons. We use Floppy's Phonics, letters and sound to support planning, teaching and assessment of phonics and the Oxford Reading Assessment System to support planning, teaching and assessment in reading. 


English - Writing

We use the Lancashire schemes and work and unit plans to support the planning and teaching of writing along with 'letterjoin', no nonsense spelling, a non-negotiable spelling list and Pie Corbett's Progression in Grammar to support this. Writing is assessed using a criterion scale based on the requirements of the National Curriculum and aligned to the expected standard in years 2 and 6. 



We use the Lancashire Scheme of work to support our planning and teaching of mathematics and the Lancashire Assessment tools to assess progress in maths. We use a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract teaching tools to support the teaching of maths. 



The science curriculum is very clearly proscribed in the National Curriculum and assigned to individual year groups. As outlined in our curriculum document we use knowledge notes and organisers to support the teaching of science and threshold concepts and milestones from the Essentials curriculum to support the planning and assessment. 

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