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Homework has two important roles within primary education. Firstly, it supports and embeds the learning of key, core skills. Examples of this include spellings and times tables. Secondly, it instils good habits in children to help support and prepare them for the next stage fo their academic career.




All children should strive for 5 with:

  • Reading 5 times per week. 10 minutes each day for infants, 15 minutes each day for years 3 and 4 and 20 minutes each day for years 5 and 6
  • Practicing a key skill linked to their class work 5 times per week. This could include spellings or times tables.


STRIVE FOR 5 is the minimum for EVERY CHILD, EVERY WEEK. Class teachers may occasionally set additional homework and year 6 will have SATs preparation tasks on a regular basis.


It is important that you listen to your child read on a regular basis and talk to them about the book they are reading. This will also help you to be aware if they are not doing their homework or finding it difficult. Children who do not complete their homework will be asked to do so at break or lunchtime. If we are concerned that children are regularly not doing their homework we will contact you to ask for your support. 



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