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Meal Arrangements

Meal Arrangements for Students and Visitors

Whilst visiting our school you are very welcome to either bring your own lunch with you or purchase a school meal. 


Visitors are reminded that we are a NUT FREE school and your are requested not to bring nuts into school with your lunch or as a snack.


If you do wish to bring your own lunch we have a microwave, toaster and water heater in the staffroom that you are free to use. 


If you would like a school dinner, please order this on arrival, before 9:30. These cost £2.88 and there is a choice of 2 hot options (one of which will be vegetarian), a jacket potato or a soft roll. There will also a be a pudding option or fruit. 


In addition, there is a bakery, sandwich shop and supermarket all within easy walking distance of the school. 


We provide tea and coffee free to all staff, students and volunteers. 

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