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Meal Arrangements



You are free to bring your own lunch to school and we have a microwave, toaster and hot water heater if you need to use this.




You can buy tea or coffee whilst in school and this is at a cost of 10p per cup.

• If you are in school for one week and you will be having 3 cups per day, please pay £1.50 to the school office on the Monday at the start of the week.

• If you are in for half a term ie 6 weeks and are having 3 cups per day, please pay 5 x 30p x 6 = £9 on the first day of your visit to the School Office.

• If you are only in occasionally, please pay your 10p to the office as and when you are in.


There is a Bakers, a Baguette Bar, an Asda Supermarket as well as various other corner shops within close walking distance to the school (please ask for directions when in school).


You can order a school dinner when in school (jacket potatoes are available daily as well as 2 other choices). Please order and pay for these on a Monday (before 9.30am) for the week ahead. The cost for an adult meal is £2.40.  The menu is shown on the website under School Dinner Menu.

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