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Online Safety

The Internet is a wonderful tool and resource but it can present risks to users who do not understand or recognise the risks or to those who are not supported in using the Internet safely.

In allowing our children to access the internet we make it impossible to protect and prevent them from seeing any harmful of upsetting content. We therefore need to support them in knowing how to avoid this content or what to do if they are exposed to it. The NSPCC has produced a very simple set of guidelines that we fully endorse. You can find a link to their website here…


They suggest a very simple approach but it is important that you as adults are fully engaged in your children’s online lives. The suggest you work together as a TEAM

T = TALK about staying safe online.


E = EXPLORE their online world together


A = AGREE rules about what’s ok and what’s not ok


M = MANAGE your families settings and controls



We have also included a link to the Online safety guides for parents and carers from the National Online Safety organisation.

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