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Year 5 - Miss Liddle

DT - cooking a healthy meal


In Design and Technology this half term we have been learning about food and what to include to make a healthy meal. 

We created our own recipes in groups, went shopping for the food we needed and then made the meal with Miss Liddle.

We all enjoyed what we had cooked!


We also learned how to bake cupcakes with Mrs Winstanley.

Year 5 Easter Card Competition Winner

In English this half term we have been learning about the narrative poem 'The Highway Man'.


We worked in groups to write stanzas for an alternative ending to the poem

Our group stanzas for the Highway Man poem

Geography - Biomes


In Geography we have been learning about the six major biomes in the world.

We learned what what a biome is, found out the names of different biomes and then researched facts about all of the biomes.


To complete our unit we chose our favourite biome to write a more detailed description about using a two page spread in our books called 'Biome in a Bottle'.

Our Biomes in a Bottle

Our RE Display

In Religious Education this half term Year 5 have been learning about festivals in different religions.


The pupils researched the festivals and then worked in groups to create posters which we have displayed in the corridor outside our classroom.

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