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EALIP Students

EALIP is a programme that stands for English as an Additional Language Intensive Programme. 

In school we deliver this programme to children who are new to English (regardless of their age).

A member of staff, student or volunteer would work, one-to-one, with a child who is new to English to develop their language by assisting them in using a workbook. This programme is designed to be worked on for 20 minutes per day,  whereby a newly acquired skill is built upon as the student progresses through the workbooks.

We very much value the help and support of any volunteer or student who assists us with this in school.



 Do you have any free time to VOLUNTEER at BROOK STREET SCHOOL CARLISLE?

We desperately need volunteers

to work one-to-one or in small groups

with children who are new to English

We will give full training on how to do this and, as all you are doing is teaching them the basics of the

English language, it is very easy to do.

If you can commit to just 20 minutes per day, we would love to hear from you.

(you can of course spend longer, if you prefer.

I hour would mean that you could help

3 children (20 minutes each).

If every day is too much of a commitment, then we can work with this too so we would still love to hear from you.


I am sure that you would find this a very enjoyable and rewarding experience

Our children are wonderful children who are very keen to learn.

Your help would be invaluable to them.


If you feel that you can help, please contact school

On 01228 558724 or email:

Once you have committed to volunteering to do EALIP, we will ask you to complete our induction. This will be done either as a group session or emailed out to you. If you would prefer it in paper form, please just ask and we will arrange this for you.

You will need to have a DBS certificate to be an EALIP volunteer / student. You may already have this in place if you are a student. Kindly let us know if that is the case. If you do not have a DBS, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

01228 558724