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We are very proud of the curriculum at Brook Street School. We feel it reflects the needs of our pupils across a range of subjects and across the wider spectrum of their education.


Once a new vision for the school had been established in 2018-19 we engaged with all of the school's stakeholders to ask one very simple but essential question:


What do we want for OUR children? 


It is the answer to this question which has guided us in establishing a new curriculum and to judging its impact. 

The document below is a detailed explanation of how we organise, deliver and evaluate our curriculum; the Intent, Implementation and Impact. The links below this document will take you to additional pages which will give you more information about different elements of our curriculum. 

Brook Street School Curriculum Overview

The implementation of our curriculum is supported by long and medium term plans. The document below sets out the long term plan across years 1 to 6 for all aspects of the taught curriculum. Medium term plans are available via the link further down. 

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