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Our School Vision


We want Brook Street to be a community where everyone feels safe and happy, so that we may all grow in confidence, embrace opportunities and reach our full potential.

We will therefore work together so that:


Everyone in the community has the confidence to be themselves.

All children have the confidence to welcome and accept others and celebrate our differences.

All children have the confidence to make the right choices and to learn from any mistakes.

All children have the confidence to make a contribution.

All children have the confidence to 'dream big'.


All children have the opportunity to develop creatively and artistically.

All children have the opportunity to be active and healthy citizens.

All children have the opportunity to explore their environment and to discover and experience the wider world.


All children believe in the transformational power of their own potential

All children understand and explore their own individual, unlimited potential

All children achieve their academic potential

All children realise their wider potential


This vision gave rise to 10 strategic aims which will guide and shape the work of the school over the next 5 years. 


  • To continue to build strong and honest relationships between all stakeholders.


  • To ensure, through constant focus and frank reviewing, that the school and the children are at all times safe.



  • To develop our practice in ensuring children are active participants in their learning.


  • To ensure the children have a louder voice within the school and that they are supported to use it.



  • To develop our skills as educators.  


  • To continue to strive for strong academic outcomes that ensure children are best able to access the next stage of their education.


  • To guarantee that all children make good progress relative to their starting points and their individual potential.


  • To design, fund and deliver a curriculum that gives appropriate weight to all of the subjects, which supports a well-rounded development.



  • To plan for, fund and deliver a progression of wider opportunities that all children can access regardless of their means.


  • To regularly review our use of all resources (time, staffing and funding) to maximise the impact of our provision.
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