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Clubs including afterschool, breakfast and extra curricular


The Breakfast Club is available, free of charge, to all children in school. There is no need to book, children can just turn up any time from 8.20am and enjoy a healthy breakfast with their classmates.


We are currently operating  breakfast club in 3 locations:

Early years breakfast club is based in the nursery kitchen,

Years 1, 2 & 3 breakfast club is based in the school hall and

Years 4, 5 & 6 breakfast club is based in the breakfast club room, next to the library. 

Children are served a variety of breakfast foods ranging from toast (with butter or jam), cereal, crumpets, cheese, yoghurts, a drink of milk or water and on some occasions a drink of hot chocolate.


We would like to thank Greggs, who support school financially to help buy produce for this club as well as providing bread for toast. Their support is invaluable.


AFTER SCHOOL CHILDCARE - currently £5 per session (after school until 5.45pm

We are very happy to announce that school has an after school childcare club. The charge for this club is normally £7.50 per session and runs from the end of school until 5.45pm. However, we are currently offering the club at a reduced price of £5 per session. So if you need after school childcare and would like your child to attend, please call at the school office to book a place or telephone on 01228 558724.

Payment must be made before the child attends the club and preferably booked at the latest on the Friday before the week ahead. Payments can only be made in cash (at the school office).

Places will be offered on a first come-first served basis.

We understand that sometimes parents may need the services of the club last minute. If this is the case, please contact school to ask if there is availability. We must have the payment up front though.

We are currently offering some exciting themed activities on certain days at our After School club. If your child would like to join the club on these days (cost £5), then please call the school office (telephone 01228 558724) to check for availability. If you have not already completed a registration form, we will need this completed ahead of your child attending and we will also need the £5 to be paid. Please see timetable showing the themed activities which are on offer that are shown on the front page on the noticeboard.




We offer a range of FREE after school activity clubs. Different clubs are offered to different year groups, at different times of the year. They usually run for a half term. Please look out for a letter that will come home with your child advertising any club that we are running and if you want your child to go to the FREE club, please sign the slip at the bottom of the letter and return to school as soon as possible. Places will be allocated on a first come-first served basis, so it is important that you get your letter in quickly if you want your child to attend. We will then advise you if your child has been successful in gaining a place at any club on offer and we will give you the days, dates and times that the club will run. We prefer that children are collected by a parent or named adult after these clubs, but if you have an older child who you wish to walk home on their own, please speak to someone in school and we will ask you to sign a document to allow them to do this. We will not let them go home alone without this signed consent.


MONDAY                  Fine Motor skills for Y4 & 5

                                   (children to be collected at 4.15pm at the Main Gate)

                                    Gymnastics for Y4 and 5 

                                   (children to be collected at 4.15pm at Main Gate). 



TUESDAY                   Sports Games for Years 3 and 4

                                    (children to be collected at 4.15pm at Main Gate)

                                   Times Tables for Y4 (Maths)

                                   (children to be collected at 4.15pm at Main Gate)

                                    Knitting for Y5 (children to be collected at 4.15pm at the Main Gate)

                                    Singing for Y1 (children to be collected at 4.15pm at the Main Gate)


WEDNESDAY             At the moment, no club on this day


THURSDAY                Maths Club Y5 & 6

                                   (children to be collected at 4.15pm at Main Gate) 

                                    Football club Y2 and 3

                                    (children to be collected at 4.15pm at Main Gate) 


FRIDAY                      At the moment no club on this day







Some clubs that have taken place earlier this year and last year have included the following:

Crochet Club, the Year 6 magic circle!

01228 558724