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Any individual who has, or is likely to have unsupervised access to children will require and Enhanced Disclosure For regulated Activity.




Further details on this are available by contacting the school (tel: 01228 558724) or can be found on the DBS website


Members of staff will have this check paid for by school.  School will arrange for them to complete the necessary forms online and will ask for documentary evidence to be brought into school to be checked as part of this process.  A list of the types of documents that can be be provided as evidence will be either given out by school or shown on the online application that they undertake.   A suitable check must have been carried out and the certificate seen before a member of staff can start working in school.


Students may have their DBS arranged by their education provider and if it is, this must be in place before they begin their placement in our school. A copy of the document must be seen in school before the start date and the education provider must sign a document to state that they will inform school of any ‘Additional Information’ that they receive regarding a student.  School has the right to withdraw the offer of a placement in the event of receiving applicable adverse information. If the education provider is not arranging the DBS for the student, we can arrange this in school, however, the student will need to meet the cost of this themself and we will not begin to arrange for the DBS to be completed until the payment has been made by the student.


The cost of a DBS + administration fees charged to the school for a student is currently - £44.00


Volunteers may need a DBS check arranged by school. There is no cost for the actual check as this is free for volunteers, but the company that we use to undertake this check charges an administration fee. The cost of this must be met by the volunteer,  This administration fee is currently £15. We will not begin to arrange for the check to be completed until the payment has been made by them. Volunteers cannot  start volunteering until the check has been successfully completed and the certificate received.


01228 558724