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Class 3MW Kidsafe Programme

Kidsafe is a specialised child protection programme which will be delivered throughout our school in each year group over the next year. The Year 3 class taught by Mrs Meyers and Mrs Walsh will be the first class to take part with six weekly 45 minute sessions planning to start this week.

Due to the programme often leading to the children's questions about sensitive issues, I am writing to you to let you know what is involved with Kidsafe and also invite you to an information session on Thursday 19th January, before the programme begins.


The Kidsafe programme deals with building children's confidence, self-esteem and equips children with the skills necessary to deal with unsafe situations. Kidsafe enables children to value themselves and others and helps children make wise and healthy choices/decisions in their lives. Kidsafe teaches children to recognise and/or prevent abuse i.e what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.


This is done in a fun, non-scary way through a variety of media including the use of a puppet, games and singing and is appropriate for the age of children. The Kidsafe programme is excellent at enabling the children to keep themselves safe without shattering their innocence or frightening them.


We will be covering the following topics during the Kidsafe programme:

-Raising self-confidence and talking about our feelings


-Respecting our bodies

-Inappropriate touching


-Communication skills

-Assertion – saying ‘No’

-Computer/internet safety

-Age rating on DVDs and computer games


In order that we give you more information about the Kidsafe programme, we will be offering a parent/carer information session at 3:30 pm on Thursday 19th January 2017. The session will last 30 minutes but is for parents/carers only.


We recognise that this may cause some childcare issues for you, please try to arrange childcare if you can (especially for younger children) but if you finding this difficult, we can offer 30 minutes of school-age childcare in school as long as it is booked in advance by completing the form attached to the letter that your child received and return as soon as possible.

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