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Non-Uniform Day for Christmas Hampers

As it is nearly the end of half-term Friday 20th October is non-uniform day where children can come to school out of uniform, but instead of donating 50p we are asking you to donate items for the Christmas Hampers. The hampers will be given as one of the prizes in the Christmas raffle.


Each class has been given a theme for their hamper which can be found below.

Nursery - Baby Hamper

Reception - Chocolate Hamper

Year 1 - Snack/Biscuit Hamper

Year 1/2 - Stationery Hamper

Year 2 - Christmas Hamper

Year 3 - Tinned Hamper

Year 3/4 - Men's Hamper

Year 4 - Woman's Hamper

Year 5 - Toiletries Hamper

Year 6 - Baking Hamper




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