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Non-Uniform for Chocolate

Dear Parents

We finish for half term on Friday 15th February 2019 this day will be a non-uniform day, but instead of donating 50p we are asking you to donate chocolate for chocolate bingo.

Any chocolate, however big or small, would be appreciated. If you are not able to bring in any chocolate, you can donate 50p and this will be used to buy some chocolate.


  • At the end of every half term, the school organises non-uniform days. On these days children do not need to wear uniform. The clothes that they wear must be suitable for school. No high heels may be worn, nothing higher than 2cm and no clothing that shows more bare skin than would otherwise be seen when wearing school uniform e.g. crop tops and mini-skirts.
  • No make-up or jewellery, apart from 1 pair of studs may be worn.



We finish for the half term holidays on FRIDAY 15TH FEBRUARY 2019 at 3.15pm. We are off school for one week and one day, returning on TUESDAY 26TH FEBRUARY 2019.

01228 558724