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Year 1 (Miss Dixon)

Children being congratulated this half term!


Getting Along- Marshall May

Organisation - Elena

Persistance- Mason

Confidence- Antonia

Most improved handwriter- Ivayla

Most improved reader- Franklin 

Scientist of the term- Gabriella 

Avril Award (Trying hard in Jigsaw) - Lillie


I would also like to congratulate all the children in my class for starting year 1 with great confidence. It has been a different start to the year due to covid but the children have settled in well and adapted to the changes around school well. 


keep up the great work Year 1 ! 

The children have been super busy this week and I thought I would show you what we have been up to. In Literacy, we are focusing on traditional tales. We are learning to write our own traditional tale. 

In science we have been looking at different materials and their properties. Linking closely to this, in DT (Design Technology) we have been working in teams to build a house for the Three Little Pigs. We have to think about what materials would be suitable where, for example, plastic for windows as it is waterproof and transparent. Next week we will be painting the houses and finally testing them to see if they are strong enough to stop the big bad wolf from blowing them down and to see if they are waterproof. The children will evaluate their houses at the end.

All the children worked extremely hard ! 

I will share the photos of the houses with you so you can discuss with your child about the materials and the properties. 


Miss Dixon & Miss Thompson

Houses the children built in DT. October 2020

Welcome to Year 1 ! 

As most of you are aware already, there are two year 1 classes with two teachers and two teaching assistants. My class are blessed with Miss Thompson as our teaching assistant who has enjoyed getting to know all of your children. 

Over the past few weeks, the children have been settling into their new classrooms, exploring the wide range of resources and expanding their academic knowledge through art, science, Jigsaw, talk for writing, Phonics, maths, guided reading and RE. The children have been working so hard and I am extremely impressed by their fantastic attitude towards their education and returning to school after a long time off. 

Parents, I am aware of your worries and concerns towards year 1 as your children have missed a large part of their Early Years Reception curriculum. I can reassure you that we have set aside time in the day to have catch up on focused learning as well as reception play based learning activities available to help with the transition of years. Please continue to promote maths and phonics at home in a fun and exciting way, maybe through talk or games to help promote your child’s academic growth.

I will attach some photos of art work we have re-created. We have studied the artist: Piet Mondrian who is a Dutch abstract artist. The children learnt about primary and secondary colours before creating their own version of Mondrian’s art work. 

I have also attached some photos of your child’s classroom. 



Miss Dixon

Art work created by the children

Year 1 Classroom

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