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Year 5 (Mr Kennedy)

w/b 6.7.20


Hi Year 5,


I hope you're all staying safe and well and engaging with the learning activities on this page.  

Some of you are coming into school next week :-)  I hope you're looking forward to coming in!  It will be a nice chance to see some familiar faces before the summer holidays.

My garden produce is coming on nicely (see tomato pictures below).  We have had some tasty new potatoes and started harvesting onions as and when we need one for cooking.

Enjoy yourselves!


Mr Kennedy


Maths task video tutorial

Still image for this video

w/b 22.6.20


Hello Y5,


I hope you are all safe, happy and keeping busy.

Last week was the first full week back in school for me.  I have enjoyed teaching one of the year 6 bubbles, although we have had to re-think how we do most things (due to social distancing).

This week, I commissioned a local artist to draw my dog, Jess.  I was so pleased with the outcome as she has really captured Jess' personality!


Mr Kennedy

Artist's video

Still image for this video

English unit - The Game

w/b 15.6.20

Hello Year 5,


I hope you've all had a week to remember! 


I've been as busy as usual and am actually running out of jobs to do in the garden.  The vegetables I planted at the end of March are growing well, there are some tomatoes hanging on and we might try and harvest some new potatoes for our tea tonight. 


Last week and going forward, I am helping to teach the Year 6 children in school.  This means that Mrs Banks has kindly agreed to update the activities on the Year 5 page from now on.  However, I will hopefully still receive emails from you to let me know how you're getting on.  It's lovely to hear/see what you've been doing.


Take care.


Mr Kennedy

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Virtual Open Day Leaflet

w/b 8.6.20


Hello Year 5,


It was good to talk to a lot of you last week and find out what you have been doing.  Keep working hard and have fun too!

I've had another busy week preparing lessons and going into school.  Luckily, I've also had fun favourite part of the week was watching my son turn a stone from the garden into a car (photographs below).  I think he's done a fantastic job and he chose the perfect shaped stone.


I have updated last week's work with answers where appropriate.  This week, I have included ten geography themed activities for you to learn more about earthquakes.  You can spend two weeks doing them, so it would be best if you did one a day. 


Be safe.


Mr Kennedy


Stone car

Spellings - correcting words in a passage of writing.

New Talk4Writing unit (should take two weeks to complete).

w/b 1.6.20


Hi Year 5, 


Well, what a glorious week we've had, again!  the weather has been outstanding, although my garden would love a day or two of rain.

I've had a busy week trying to tidy up a corner of my garden that was overgrown with weeds and was quite dangerous.  You'll see from the photographs below that I've had a go at building a small wall from rockery stones.  It was a time consuming job finding just the right stone to fit each place.  I didn't manage to use Flemish bond brickwork, but it's sturdy enough so I'm pleased with the end result.

On Thursday morning I am going to phone you all again to see how you're all getting on, so have a think about all the things you want to share with me.


Speak to you on Thursday.


Mr Kennedy



My wall

Reading comprehension - Armed Forces Day

w/b 25.5.20 - half term


Hello Y5,


I hope you've all had a productive week (answers to last week's work have been uploaded for you to check).


This week is half term so I haven't set any traditional learning activities.  However, I have set you a challenge in case you would like to do something to keep your minds active (it is quite complex, so you could easily break up the activities and complete it over the week).  It might also help you to send secret messages to your friends!

Remember, keep reading and using TT Rockstars and hit the button.  More importantly, do some things you like to do - you can check back through the activities I have set you or look at other year groups' activities to get some ideas.


Enjoy your week.


Mr Kennedy

w/b 18.5.20


Hi Year 5,


I hope you're all keeping yourselves busy and staying safe.

As always, I have updated last week's work to include answers where appropriate.  Hopefully you are doing well with your work when you mark it.  This week, I have included the usual reading, writing and maths activities, but have also included some more challenges to keep you occupied.  I hope you're all reading regularly, as it's fun and also helps with your writing and spellings.

It has been a bit of a shock to the system to have some overcast days in the last week - I could easily get used to living in a permanently sunny climate! 

We were doing some gardening today and found some frogs (see photographs below).  My children enjoyed watching them for around 20 minutes before ensuring they were returned to a safe habitat.  It's amazing to see the different wildlife hidden in your garden.  


Be kind and thoughtful.


Mr Kennedy


w/b 11.5.20


Hi year 5,


I hope you're all fit, healthy and helping out as much as possible at home!

As you know, Friday was the 75th anniversary of VE Day, and we decided to have afternoon tea in the garden to celebrate.  My sons and I thought we'd bake homemade scones for the occasion.  Mrs Kennedy was sceptical about us producing some tasty treats but she, and the rest of the family, all enjoyed them (photographs below).

Don't forget to have a look on the other class pages to see how other teachers are keeping themselves busy. 

I have updated last week's work with answers (where needed) and hope you enjoyed the activities set.  This week, I have set the usual work (remember, you need to continue last week's writing unit) and have also set the additional challenge of a true or false quiz to keep you busy!

Pleasingly, I received an email, from one of you, this week with a fantastic story attached.  Don't forget, you too can email your work to school - I'd love to see what you've been doing.


Stay safe.


Mr Kennedy 

VE Day scones

A True or False Quiz for you to ponder (answers posted next Monday - see how many you can get correct!)

Spellings to learn this week - Remember to write a sentence for each spelling!

Week Beginning 4.5.20


Hi Year 5, 

I hope you're all well and keeping busy?  

I have updated last week's activities to include answers (reading comprehension, maths and local history), so please mark your own work and see how you did.

This week I have decided to give you a different set of challenges (in addition to the regular lessons I have provided) .  On Friday, the 8th May, it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  By carrying out the reading comprehension activity, you will learn about what VE Day was.  Once you have done this, you can try the following activities:

VE Day activities - have fun!

Reading Comprehension - VE Day (VE Day will be commemorated this week - 8th May - look out for stories in the news!)

Spellings to learn this week - Remember to write a sentence for each spelling!

Writing Unit (should take two weeks)

Week beginning 27.4.20


Hello Year 5,

It was good to talk to most of you this week (Friday morning) as it seems like a long time since we've all been together in school.  I was interested to hear what you had all been doing to keep yourselves busy (one of you had even helped to paint your house!). 

I'm pleased so many of you have read these weekly updates.  Remember though, it is important to keep to a good routine and do as much of the work that I have set as you can.  You will still have lots of spare time to relax!

Good news... Year 5 did really well in the Times Tables Rockstar battle against Mrs Taylor's class - we won!  I have checked to see who took part, so thank you for your effort.  If you didn't join in perhaps you could login and have a go this week.

This week, I have been busy helping tidy up the house.  We've had a really good spring clean, so that everything is a lot tidier.  In addition, I have tried out my hair cutting skills!  My son's hair was getting a bit scruffy and he was eager to get it cut.  However, as the barbers shops are all closed, I had to pretend to be a barber (don't try this at home yourself!).  To be honest, I think it turned out ok (and he didn't moan either, so it must have been fine).

I have included some activities, below, for this week and I have provided answers in last week's sections.  Therefore, you can mark your work and see how you did.


Look after yourselves and your families.


Mr Kennedy


Haircut photographs

Challenges for week 5 (week beginning 27.4.20)

Spellings to learn this week - Remember to write a sentence for each spelling!

Multiplying a Fraction Times a Whole Number - Watch before you complete task 2!

History Quiz - how much can you remember from our autumn term local history unit?

Week beginning 20.4.20


Hello Year 5,

We've had another lucky week of weather!  We've spent lots of time in the garden, playing, and we even put our tent up.  However, it is too cold at night to sleep in it!  The seeds we planted a couple of weeks ago have all germinated (apart from the beans).  The courgettes are doing so well that I have transplanted them into bigger pots to provide more space for them to grow well.

I am going to ring you all on Friday morning to see how you are all doing, so I'll speak to you soon.


Mr Kennedy

Courgettes and tent

The ten challenges to keep you busy for the week ahead are included below.  However, as there is no date as to when schools will open again, I have also included some work to keep you in a good routine.  I will provide answers next week, for the reading comprehension and maths, so that you can check your progress.

A Times Tables Rockstar's battle will begin today, so make sure you login in and help Year 5 win!


See how many of these ten challenges you can complete (week beginning 20.4.20)

Spellings to learn this week - remember to use the different strategies that you've been taught!

Writing - This unit should last two weeks

Hello Year 5,


Hope you have all had a lovely Easter and manged to save some chocolate!

Mr Kennedy has given me permission to write you all a message because I am missing you all.

I am keeping myself busy with lots of different activities.

I am walking everyday for daily exercise and have been doing my homework for the course I have been completing. Mr Meyers and I are taking turns to cook in our house.  I am keeping him busy with lots of jobs so I made him a delicious Easter lunch yesterday and we played monopoly. Guess who won the prize? Can you spot it in my picture?  Have you got any games in your cupboards that you could play with your family?

I am reading a book called the Girl of Ink and Stars. I am sure some of you would enjoy it. 

Mrs Nugent has been reading Wonder and she is currently comparing the book and the film. She has told me she is going to start knitting again this week.

I have been using facetime to speak to my family in Whitley Bay. My mum is busy knitting a blanket in NHS colours (blue).

I have been going outside to clap on my street for all the NHS and frontline workers each Thursday night at 8pm.  The noise is quite something and I can hear fireworks is the distance. Have you been taking part? 

Please stay home, stay safe and of course keep washing those hands!


Mrs Meyers 

Activities for week 3 - w/b 13.4.20



I hope you have all had a productive week?  It would be nice to see what you've been doing, so please email the school with photographs of what you have created.  I will enjoy reading your poetry.

The weather has been great again, so we've been getting out for some exercise.  We have been planning our routes, in advance, using the Digimaps for Schools website (login = CA12JB  password = rhetes2180).

We had a lot of plastic bottles ready to be recycled, so I decided to build a sand/water slalom course for my younger children.  However, it was the older ones that enjoyed playing with it the most!

Remember, keep yourselves busy and stay safe.


Mr Kennedy

Planning our cycling route and sand/water slalom

See how many of these activities you can do before next week

Week 2 (w/b 6.4.20)

Hi Year 5,


I have been enjoying the first week of the Easter holidays, so have been relaxing more!

Barney and Stig have been on some exciting adventures.  I can't wait to read what happens next.  How are you getting on with your reading?


During the last week, we have been spending more time in the garden.  My son and I have been sketching our surroundings (see photographs below) and both want to keep improving our art skills.  I think there's some watercolour paints somewhere in the house, so I might add some colour to mine.  It would be nice to see some of your art when we all return to school.  Perhaps we could have our own art exhibition to show what we have all created?  Get your creative hats on!


I have enjoyed reading the other class pages, so don't forget to check them out too, there's some good ideas for things to do.  A few teachers have been baking, so I might try to raise the bar by having a go.  Teachers beware, the competition is on!

Don't forget, there are many ideas, on the whole school page, for activities to try for every school subject.  Make sure you keep challenging yourself.


Mr Kennedy



Garden sketches

See how many of these activities you can do this week

Hello Year 5!


I hope you have enjoyed the week off school? 

As we are not in school, I have used my time to catch up on things I don't always have time to do.  I have enjoyed tidying up the garden - with my family - in the sun.  We have cut the grass, swept the paths and tidied the greenhouse.  After all of that hard work, we planted some vegetables (potatoes, courgettes and beans).  I have also began to read books I have been looking forward to reading for a long time.  I have started with a classic from my youth, 'Stig of the Dump'.

Nobody is sure about how long school will be closed, so it is important that you use your time effectively.  I recommend drawing up a timetable for your week (you could follow the activities we do in school).  The school's website has many ideas for all subjects!

Don't forget to look after everyone in your house, wash your hands often, be kind and help wherever you can.


Mr Kennedy





My boys playing in the garden

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