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Year 5 (Mr Kennedy)

See how many of these activities you can do this week

Hello Year 5!


I hope you have enjoyed the week off school? 

As we are not in school, I have used my time to catch up on things I don't always have time to do.  I have enjoyed tidying up the garden - with my family - in the sun.  We have cut the grass, swept the paths and tidied the greenhouse.  After all of that hard work, we planted some vegetables (potatoes, courgettes and beans).  I have also began to read books I have been looking forward to reading for a long time.  I have started with a classic from my youth, 'Stig of the Dump'.

Nobody is sure about how long school will be closed, so it is important that you use your time effectively.  I recommend drawing up a timetable for your week (you could follow the activities we do in school).  The school's website has many ideas for all subjects!

Don't forget to look after everyone in your house, wash your hands often, be kind and help wherever you can.


Mr Kennedy





My boys playing in the garden

My boys playing in the garden 1
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