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Year 6 (Mrs Ross)



Hello year 6 - this the last time that I will say that! It is now your final week as year 6's - I hope you are all well :) 

In school this week we are thinking about our achievements in primary school - what things have you achieved? I bet it's more than you expect! 


I have spoken to the publishers of Malamander who have asked me to delete the videos I have been making by the end of term. I will try and upload some videos this week so you can read the end! You could do a prediction of what you think will happen! 


As always, I hope you have a fantastic week, stay safe and keep smiling! 


Mrs Taylor 



Reading Comprehension 13.7.20

Writing Unit 13.7.20

Spellings 13.7.20


Hello everyone, 


I hope you have had a lovely week - I have been super busy this week. I have been moving house, at school with the bubble children and speaking to secondary schools about you all too! 


For those of you who have sent me work- thank you! I haven't filmed Malamander as I lost it in a box - it has now been relocated (phew) so keep your eyes on this page this week and I will film some updates. 


Keep working hard, smiling and remember to always be kind, 


Mrs Taylor 



Writing Unit 6.7.20



Hello Everyone! 


I hope that you are all well :) What have you done with the weather? haha! 


Work for this week is below and I will be filming and uploading Malamander tonight - I have been reminded this morning by my bubble. 

I hope that everyone is staying safe and following the government advice. 


With transition to secondary being so close, I would love it if you could spend some time on your secondary school's website. They have lots of information on and are a really good starting point to getting to know your new school.

You could: 

Find out what the lunch menu looks like, 

Look at the timetable for the school day, 

Check the uniform and equipment lists, 

and plan your route to school. 


Stay safe, keep smiling, 


Mrs Taylor 




Writing Unit 29.6.20


Hello everyone, hope you are all well :) 


There is work below for those of you who need it and those of you in school I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! 


I have uploaded some more Malamander and my aim is to try and finish it by the summer holidays!  I might have to upload more than once week so do keep your eyes peeled! 


I hope you all have a fantastic week - work hard, be kind and keep smiling :) 


Mrs Taylor 



Writing Unit 22.6.20


Writing Unit 15.6.20

Use the links below to support you when completing the maths activities. 


Multiplying Decimals by integers


Dividing decimals by integers





Mid-week update tonight - I am sorry for forgetting about Malamander! Here are the next 2 instalments! 


Mrs Taylor 



Hello Year 6

It was lovely speaking to you all this week :) Really missing you all!! 

I will be seeing some of you in school this week - if you're in my bubble we are in at 8.45am sharp and I'll see you Monday and Thursday. 

For those of you who I won't see, here is some work to keep you out of trouble. 


Reading comprehension - myths and legends 

Writing unit - gadgets 

Spellings - from the word list 

Maths - % of an amount, follow this link for videos and help:

           - comparing % decimal and fractions, follow this link for videos and help:

10 Activities - based around Carlisle - we were unable to do lots of our history/geography so here are 10 activities you can do which link to the topic we would have covered. 


As always, remember to stay safe, be kind and keep smiling! 


Mrs Taylor 




Writing unit 08.06.20

Spellings 08.06.20

10 activities- our local area, history and geography focus 08.06.20


Hello Everyone :) 


I hope you have had a lovely half term - haven't we been lucky with the weather! We have enjoyed time in the paddling pool, BBQ's and lots and lots of ice lollies in the sun. Phoebe now loves a strawberry mini milk and I have remembered just how tasty they are - I like the vanilla ones best. 


I am very excited to see some of you very soon. I am going into school in the morning to find out more about what will be happening and I will be ringing you all on Wednesday morning too - I will work backwards up the register this time, so be ready! 


This week I am easing you back in with some maths and some English. 


English - reading comprehension 

Maths - Averages: there are 3 averages we need to learn 


Mean  - the mean is mean, it is the true average and takes a bit of working out. You add all data in the set up then divide by the number of bits you had:   1  1   3   4   4   5  =   1 + 1+ 3 + 4 + 4 + 5= 18      There were 6 numbers in my data set so I now divide by 6 = 18/6 = 3

The mean = 3 


Mode - oh la la most popular -  the number you see the most often -   3  4  4  5  6  8  = the mode is 4 


Median -  the median is the middle number. You must put the numbers in numerical order first and then find the one exactly in the middle. You might remember me crossing from each side to find the middle number?! 


3   4   2  5   6   


Step 1 - order:     2   3  4   5   6 

Step 2  - find the middle number = 4 

Median =  4 


You also have a timetable to look at too - you will need to read the question very carefully and ensure you are on the right page of the timetable to find your answer. 

You could use a local bus or train timetable and create some of your own questions too! 


I hope this keeps you busy and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. 


Mrs Taylor 



Hello Everyone - happy half term! 


I hope you have had a lovely week. We have been busy walking, baking and painting. Phoebe has also decided that she absolutely adores dancing so we had a disco day too - maybe you could have one? We put on our best clothes, our favourite songs and even disco lights! 

It really made us all smile! 


This week I am only setting you the 10 tasks to do as it would of been your half term. Please try and spend the time relaxing and doing the things that you love most! 


Mrs Taylor 



Hello everyone, 


How has your week been? Where has the lovely weather gone? I've heard it is supposed to be making a return later this week - Wednesday looks like it is going to be nice and warm :) 


I've had a busy week, lots of meetings and forms for secondary school. It's been lovely talking about the wonderful things you do but it has made me miss you all lots too! You will have seen the news about schools possible reopening  - please keep to update and read the school website as information comes out. Below are some photos from my week. Phoebe has a new chair for the garden, we have made some flowers out of egg cartons and done some printing too. We had tomato soup for lunch today and you can only imagine the mess of my kitchen! I didn't get a photo in time but I am certain you would have all laughed!! 


Right, this week: 


Reading comprehension  - another non fiction 

Writing - the unit to complete, if you have finished this please write a diary entry - Imagine lockdown is over and you can see your friends. What is the first thing you will do? 

Spelling - cial and tial 

Maths - Fractions of an amount - this link on bbc bitesize will help:  

           - Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10 100 etc... - this link on bbc bitesize will help:

Retrieval Quiz - Science: electricity 

10 things for you to do this week



I hope you all have a brilliant week! 


Mrs Taylor 


Our week in pictures 18.05.20

Spellings 18.05.20

Retrieval Quiz - Sicence: electricity



Hello Year 6! 


Well, this week should be your SATs week.  I'm sure that many of you have mixed feelings as I know a lot of you wanted to complete the tests as you had worked so hard for them. I want to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of you all. You have all worked incredibly hard over the past 2 years (years 5 and 6) and you have all made progress because of this. But, I am most proud of the way in which you are all dealing with this strange time. When I was able to speak to you, it was clear that you are helping at home, staying safe and trying to keep learning - I cannot ask for anymore! So this week, when you should of been working your hardest, think a little longer, concentrate a little harder and smile a little more! You do not need to sit the tests but know that your hard work will not be forgotten and all the knowledge you have gained will stand you in good stead moving forwards. 


This week we have been busy - I have attached some photos. We had a picnic in the garden for VE day and went on a lovely walk too. We now have to take Flopsy (the huge teddy) everywhere! I have to admit that potty training isn't going according to plan and I have 2 new grey hairs as a result!! 

I have also been busy chatting to secondary schools about you all! 


This week: 


Reading comprehension - non fiction - the answers are at the end if you scroll through

Writing - continue with last weeks unit please 

Spelling - new words to learn from the year 5/6 word list 

Maths - worksheets uploaded but these links will take you to videos on the bbc bitesize page which will help  Fractions:

Factors and multiples:

Quiz answers from geography 

Retrieval quiz - The Victorians 

10 activities to do this week



I hope you all have a good week. Stay active, be kind, smile lots. 


Mrs Taylor :) 



A busy week :) 11.05.20

Spellings 11.05.20

Victorian's retrieval quiz 11.05.20


Hello everyone - how are you all? I do hope that you are well! 


I've had a very busy week; I've been doing lots of reading, some work for Mr Bursnall and I have started potty training too! Lots of you will know that this means a lot of mess and the washing machine being on constantly. 

I hope you have been busy and completed some work too - no one has sent me any this week. Remember you can email me using: and mark it for my attention. I really do enjoy seeing what you are up to! 


I have finally managed to cut, compress and upload the long division videos - I am sorry it has taken so long. I could not get them off the ipad! Mr Taylor to the rescue! 


This week I have uploaded: 


10 things you can do - this week there is a transition theme. I want you to think carefully about what makes you YOU. How are you special and what things will you take to secondary school that will make it a fantastic place? You are all fabulous and unique in your right. Think about what makes you different to your friends. 


  • 2 maths activities 
  • 1 reading comprehension 
  • 1 set of spellings 
  •  A new writing unit 
  •  A geography retrevial quiz 
  • The answers to last week's quiz on the Mayan's 
  • Malamander recording 


Keep busy, keep smiling, stay safe. I hope to see you all again soon! 


Mrs Taylor

Spellings 04.05.20

Writing Unit 04.05.20

Geography Quiz 04.05.20

Answers from Mayan Quiz

Hello everyone, 


A mid-week update for you all this week!


Firstly transition to secondary school. I am sure many of you are starting to wonder what this will look like and you are maybe feeling a little nervous/anxious about it too. This is completely normal in usual circumstances and we are living in very strange times at the moment. Please do not worry! Your secondary schools have been in contact with us and we are going to be talking to them about all the wonderful things you do and bring to our school and about any things we think you might need a little extra help with too. I have attached a document below that gives you some really good advice and also points you in the direction of some fabulous websites too. Please spend a little time looking through it. 


Secondly, I have tried and tried to cut, compress and change the long division video in order to be able to upload it but I simply cannot get it off the Ipad and onto the laptop.

Please remember these steps: 


1. Write out the times table of the divisor 




3. Every whole number has a decimal point with 0's in as place holders after - use these to help you create a decimal answer. 


Finally, I hope you are all keeping safe and sane, helping at home and being kind. Missing every single one you lots! 


Mrs Taylor 




Transition information

Hello Year 6, 


It was lovely to speak to most of you this week - you really cheered me up with your stories! I cannot wait until we are back together in the classroom doing lots of learning, throwing my bean bags around and OF COURSE, rapping!!! 


I've been speaking to Mrs Short, who has asked me to tell you all that she really misses you. She hopes we can be back in school soon too! Fingers crossed. 


As requested, I have tried to make a video about how to do long division - I am having a few technical issues with this as it came out back to front to begin with and now the file is too large to upload. I will keep trying to get it on here ASAP - Unlike Malamander, I had to film on my tablet and this is very different to filming using the laptop webcam. In the meantime, I have uploaded some photos of worked examples for you to use. I will persist! :) 


The next instalment of Malamander is in 2 parts  - I hope you are enjoying it. If any of you need a new author to explore Piers Torday is absolutely fantastic - his book 'The Lost Magician' is probably the best children's book I've ever read and I've read a lot! 


This week your work is as follows: 


Maths - long division; look through the questions and remember our method. Show your remainder as a remainder, a fraction or a decimal. 

Maths - Angles - visit    and watch the video. Then complete the task and mark your answers! 


Reading - VIPERS Peter pan 


Writing - Continue with the unit of work posted last week :) 


Spellings - from the year 5/6 word list 


History - A quiz on the Mayan's  - answers to be posted next week. 


10 things you can do 


Mrs Taylor 





Spellings 27.04.20

Mayan's Quiz - Answers posted next week!

Hello everyone, 


I hope you have had a lovely week and enjoyed the sunshine again! 

I have been busy cooking, cleaning and doing lots of reading this week. I have also been trying to keep up with my pilates workouts but I have to admit that Easter egg chocolate won a few times! 


This week I have uploaded a lot more for you to do. Here is a list of what to expect: 


  • 10 activities you can do this week 
  • 2 Maths activities 
  • 1 Writing unit of work - this should last you 2/3 weeks!
  • 1 Reading comprehension 
  • 1 Set of spellings 
  • A video of me reading Malamander to you! 


There is a lot more this week; please do what you can and try your best to stay in a routine on the week days - it will make you feel like you have earnt your weekend. I have attached the answers to the questions but these are for checking only - I know that I can trust you all! There is a PowerPoint to help you with the maths too, please look through it if you need. 


If you do any work you are super proud of please send it my way as I really do love seeing what you are up to! 


I'm really looking forward to speaking to you all on Monday afternoon :) 


Stay safe and be kind, 


Mrs Taylor 

10 things to do this week - week beginning 20.04.20

Writing unit - week beginning 20.04.20

Spellings week beginning 20.04.20

Happy Easter Everyone - Hope you are having an EGGcellent time! 




I hope you are all keeping well, staying safe and not eating too much chocolate! 


This week I decided to do a spring clean - I have both tided and organised my under-the-stairs cupboard - it used to be an absolute mess and now it is gleaming! I felt very proud after and found some shoes I thought I had lost - winning! Maybe you could help someone at home spring clean this week?


Phoebe and I have been busy doing more crafts this week too. We decided to paint our salt dough decorations; have a look below - what do you think? We have also been doing our daily exercises and I have been following a pilates class online - I have been a bit stiff since. 


I have uploaded another 10 activities to keep you busy this week - thank you to those of you who have emailed me what you have been doing, I really enjoy looking at your work! 


I hope you are all staying busy, keeping safe and following the advice. Remember to keep smiling and be kind :) 



Mrs Taylor 




10 activities for you to do this week - w/b 13.04.20

My week in pictures

Hello Year 6, 


I hope you are all safe and well - I am really missing you all! 


Thank you to those of you who sent me your stories from last weeks activities - they really cheered me up and I really loved reading them :) I have attached another 10 activities to keep you busy this week. Try and do some if you can - if you want to email me anything you have done I would love to read/see! 


My week 2 - 

This week I have been trying to be more creative. Phoebe and I have made some Easter cards for our neighbours- I have attached a picture below, do you like them? We have also made salt dough Easter decorations which we need to paint this week. I think it might be a little messier than painting with you all! 


I've also been baking this week and it wasn't disastrous! I made some peppermint crunch - have you ever had it? I've attached the link to the recipe if you want to try, it does take a while and there are lots of ingredients but it is well worth the effort.


I really hope that you are all staying safe, helping at home and smiling as much as possible! Hoping to see you all very shortly, 


Mrs Taylor :) 


Mrs Taylor's 2nd week of lockdown

Hi Year 6, 


As you can see from the photos below, I have had a busy week! 


Phoebe and I have been walking for our daily exercise and we stumbled upon the elf and fairy doors in our local nature reserve. As you can imagine, Phoebe was very excited! We have also built lots of sandcastles in our garden, the weather has been lovely - we have been very lucky. 


I hope you have all had a lovely week at home - I am missing you all lots! I have attached activities for this week above, I hope that they both keep you busy but that they also allow you to retrieve and consolidate some of the learning we have done this year so far. 


I will be updating the website every Sunday evening with pictures of my week and ideas of things for you to do. Stay safe. Be kind. Look after your families. 


Mrs Taylor :) 

Mrs Taylor's first week

Hello year 6 :) 


I hope you are all staying safely inside and that you are looking after each other too! 


I have been enjoying the sunshine in my back garden and I have nearly finished reading Malamander - it is getting VERY good! 

I have also been doing the Joe Wicks workouts on YouTube at 9am each morning - ouch! I hope that you are all keeping busy and looking after your families. 


I have popped up 10 things you could do this week below; the activities are things you could do at any point during the week.

I would love it if you could all try and do some exercise everyday and read for at least 30 minutes a day too. Remember you have all your CGP books to look through and complete; if you want other videos and examples Espresso is really good: 

I will be posting 10 things you could do every week to keep you busy and I cannot wait to see everything you have completed. 


Research project - you might want to find out how our local area has changed through time? You could choose different eras and complete a page of research on each. I would love to see your finished projects. 


Stay busy! Be kind! Look after yourselves and each other, and remember to listen to government advice :) 


Mrs Taylor 




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