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Year 6 (Mr Westerby)


Spellings 13.7.20

Writing Unit 13.7.20



Hello Everyone !!!


I hope you are all well and are staying safe.


I hope you are all getting excited for secondary and just a reminder to check your secondary schools websites for updates and they have lots of interesting activities for you to do to prepare for secondary.


See you all soon


Mr Westerby.


Spellings 29.6.20

Writing Unit 29.6.20


Spellings 22.6.20

Writing Unit 22.6.20

Hello Year 6.


It has been brilliant being able to see so many of you in school. To see your smiling excited faces makes me realise why I do this job.

I am really impressed with how you are all handling this, either at home or now back in school.


It was weird for me to be back at work, even though we've been busy behind the scenes at home, it was weird to be back in school and having the room set up differently.


Mr Townsend will now be setting the work for you every week. It will still be on this page so still check in each week to see what tasks and challenges have been set. I will also be commenting each week as to what I've been up to.


Thankyou once again for the emails that I have had sent in to me. I read a great email from Sienna and some of the work she has been busy with. Some great memories Sienna.


Stay safe again this week, have a brilliant week.


Mr Westerby




Use the links below to support you when completing the maths activities. 


Multiplying Decimals by integers


Dividing decimals by integers

Writing Unit 15.6.20

Hello everyone - 8.6.20


It was brilliant to be able to speak to you all this week. You all sounded happy which makes me happy.

Not only have I been phoning you, I've also been in school getting ready to teach again this coming week.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your faces. If you're in my bubble (bubble 2) we will be starting at 9.00 on Tuesday, and again on Thursday.


If you aren't coming into school, then you can still find tasks online.

We will go back to the following tasks:

  • writing unit.
  • guided reading
  • 2 maths activities
  • spelling task
  • topic based activities.


For Maths task 1 you will need the following link:

For Maths task 2 you will need to use your skills to find the best deal - which one will you save the most money.

Also, I'd like you to complete TTRS - keep those basic skills improving.

We won't be setting the weekly 10 activities challenge from now on, instead there will be a more focused learning topic.


Once again, if you do complete any work, feel free to email it into the office and it will be forwarded to me. I always enjoy seeing what work you've done. 


Thanks and I'm excited to see some of you.

Stay safe.


Mr Westerby.


Topic - history and geography of Carlisle.

Writing unit - to last 2 weeks

Hello everyone.


I hope you had a good safe half term.

We've been really lucky with the weather and I've enjoyed taking Corby down to the river and having a little paddle in the water.

While the sun is out, he can enjoy the water because he can dry really quickly.

I also see Mrs Summers quite often as she lives in the same village as me. Both her and her husband are doing well.


For this week I have provided you some English comprehension - all about the history of Nintendo -read through the text, answer the questions and then check them against the answers.


You will also find below some Maths.

This week in Maths, I want you to look tat averages and working out the different ways. Find a video for help here:


If you find the questions too hard for the averages, create some random numbers yourself and then use the correct method to find the answer.


We are also looking at Timetables, you will find a bus timetable with questions based off the timetable for you to answer.

Answers are included.


I hope that makes sense.


Have a good week. 

Mr Westerby.



I hope you're all well and safe. 

Once again, I have been in touch with your secondary schools and it's been good fun talking about how amazing you all are. 

This week would have been your half term so you wouldn't have been at school. 

This week, for your learning, please find 10 weekly challenges for you to have a go with over half term.


Enjoy and see you soon.


Mr Westerby.

Weekly Challenges

Hello everyone.


I hope you're all staying safe.

Where has the sun gone? I'd like it to return, it makes everyone happier when the sun is shining.


This week, please fine below:

Maths - fractions of amounts and long multiplication.

If you are unsure of fractions of amounts, use this link to help you learn:

Guided Reading - based on another classic text.

Writing - based upon Holes that we read earlier this year.

Spellings - 10 more from the Y6 list.

10 activities for the week.


Stay safe.


Mr Westerby



Hello Year 6.


This week would have been your SATs week, I know you’ve worked so hard for this and you should be so proud of how far you have all come during your primary education, but don’t worry you will not lose out just because you haven’t done your SATs tests. Mrs Taylor and I will make sure you get what you deserve for all our hard work you’ve put in.

With that aside, I hope you are all well and are keeping busy.

This week, I have been busy talking to secondary schools about you all. Lots of zoom meetings and I can say that the secondary schools are looking forward to meeting you all. It’ll be weird for me not being able to teach you next year as I’ve only taught you since I moved up to Cumbria. Thankyou for being such a great class, I’ve had such fun teaching you all and I hope I get to see you before the summer.

Along with all the school work I have been busy taking care of Corby and we’ve enjoyed exploring the local area. While exploring I was lucky enough to see a full dinosaur in a garden.



You will need the following links to help you with your Maths this week.

Link to what is a prime number.

Activity – Like a wordsearch you have to find all the prime numbers to create a pathway to help the pirates find the secret island. It has been started for you, look for the next number around 29 to help you find the next one.

Link to adding and subtracting fractions.


Have a brilliant week.

Hello year 6.

I hope you have all had a good week and still managing to stay safe.

How're you finding the weekly challenges we give out?


This week, I have been able to take Corby out for walks and he's getting better on a lead. Even though he is getting better on a lead, he is still keeping me up most of the night. We've now had him over 3 weeks and in that time he has really grown.






This week, we have been busy baking. We have made home made bread, a delicious Sunday lunch from scratch and also some dark chocolate soft centered brownies.


I've seen Mrs Summers a couple of times, she is well and is keeping herself busy with lots of bike rides and walks.


I've attached this weeks work as usual.

There are: 

- Maths - 2 activities with answers. To help with your Maths if you get stuck, I have attached two links for you to watch videos of how to solve these problems.

Multiplying Fractions -

Percentage of an amount -


- Writing - another Pie Corbett set of activities. These should last you 2 weeks so just do activities 1-5 this week.

- Guided Reading - I have sent the text and also the comprehension questions and answers

- Spellings - another 10 words from the Year 6 end of year list.

- Topic Quiz - This time the topic is set on the Victorians - I will post the answers next week.

- Story - Another David Walliams audiobook. -


I hope you have a good go at the activities and hopefully we will see you again soon.


Take care


Mr Westerby.



Victorian Quiz

Happy Friday.


I hope you're all well. Just  quick short message today.

Obviously you're all moving onto secondary schools later this year and normally you'd be involved in a lot of transition activities between both schools.

We understand that this can be a nervous time and not having these activities can only make it harder for you all. Transition is meant to help alleviate the worries a little bit and this current time isn't helping.

Don't worry, just because schools are closed does NOT mean that the teachers aren't doing anything about it. We are in contact in the secondary schools, talking to them about you individually so they have an idea of what to expect. 

I have attached a document for you to look at and read to try and help you with any questions you might have.


I'll update again on Monday.


Have a good weekend.

Stay safe and stay indoors.

Mr Westerby.

Hello Year 6.

How are you all?

What lovely weather we’ve been having. I always enjoy the sunshine, it cheers me up.

I really enjoyed Monday and being able to speak to you. It was great to hear you being well and staying safe. I’d just like to say a huge thankyou to those that I did manage to contact.

I hope that I get a chance to call you again and speak to you all. Well done to those that are managing to do school work. What came across in the phone calls was that you are all doing things you enjoy. Even though we are setting work, it is important to keep busy with things you enjoy, you will still learn vital life skills, which can help you in the future.

Evie has been back at work this week so I’ve been lucky enough to have Corby all to myself. Even though he can’t go out until he has had his last injections, he has grown, not just in size but in character and is becoming braver as he realizes what he can and cannot do. With the lovely sunshine being out, we have spent the majority of the days outside in the sun, but being outside he has started digging up the garden. I have holes everywhere. What a nightmare.

We have been set work by Mr Bursnall that we are completing so this week I have found myself doing more school work, just because we aren’t at school, staff are still working hard to ensure that when we are due back, we will be ready and make sure you have the best experience possible.

Below you will find the week 5 daily challenges aswell as the Guided Reading, spelling, Maths and Writing tasks with answers.

GUIDED READING – I have included a VIPERS task for you to complete. It has the text for you to read and then questions for you to answer.

SPELLINGS – working through year 6 words using the techniques we use in school.

WRITING – Read and work through from task 6-10.

MATHS – I have included 2 maths activities, one looking at BIDMAS and the order of calculations. For this there is powerpoint for you to look at if you get stuck.

The 2nd activity is long division ( I know you all secretly love long division) there is an example model of how to solve long division and some questions for you to work through.

BOOK – here is the link to another David Walliams book.


I have also included a quiz based on the Mayans – lets see how much you remember from our learning.


Have a brilliant week.

Mr Westerby.

Hello Year 6.


How are you all?


What lovely weather we’ve been having. I always enjoy the sunshine, it cheers me up.

I’d like to say a huge thankyou to those that have emailed me across some of the stories you have written. Reading them has put a smile on my face and it’s nice to hear about what you’ve been up to.


Wow! What a week, after getting Corby last Friday, it has been eventful, we’ve hardly had any sleep as he misses all his brothers and sisters but he is starting to settle into the house now. He has been chewing everything, even writing this, he is attempting to chew through the laptop charger wire.       I have also done some baking this week, I made an apple crumble which was very tasty. Evie has also been off this week and she has taken up Mrs Hanlon’s challenge to bake some Focaccia bread.


How are you all finding the 10 activities each week? We are going to continue with these but also add more work based around the core subjects (English, Maths and Reading) for you to complete. These will start this coming week, I will set you off with some activities and then also attach the answers, this isn’t for you just to copy but for you to see if you are correct and work out what else you need to focus on.

Below you will find the week 4 daily challenges aswell as the Guided Reading, spelling, Maths and Writing tasks with answers.


GUIDED READING – I have included a VIPERS task for you to complete. It has the text for you to read and then questions for you to answer.

SPELLINGS – working through year 6 words using the techniques we use in school.

WRITING – Read and work through from task 1-5.

MATHS – I have included 2 maths activities, both looking at fractions.

I have included answers, but only for to check your work and not just to use to get them all correct.

I have also included a powerpoint to help you with simplifying fractions.

BOOK - 1 audio book to listen to - this week it is an extract from David Walliam's brilliant book Gangsta Granny! It can be listened to by clicking on this link: 


Good luck – I will be phoning you this coming week on Monday 20th April. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Mr Westerby.



I hope you are all well and staying safe.


This week has been very exciting for me and I want to tell you all why.

About 6 weeks ago, we enquired about getting a dog, and on Wednesday we got a text to say our puppy was ready. I would like to introduce you to our new dog Corby - a Spanish Waterdog.

He is only 8 weeks old so we cannot take him for a walk at the minute, so he is also social-isolating until he is old enough to go out for walks. 

So this week we have been getting the house puppy ready, setting his own space up, ensuring we have everything we need to look after a dog properly. It has certainly been very exciting having him in the house and the weather has been fantastic so we've been out in the garden most of the days.

For those that have had dogs from puppies will know that they struggle to sleep through the night and Corby doesn't like to stay quiet for long. As I am writing this I am shattered, he is keeping me up but I know it won't be forever.

We've been using FaceTime to show our family and friends back home our new dog and they are wanting to meet him.


I'd like you all to meet Corby.






This week, I have been into Upperby School to see the children. I worked with Mrs Beattie and Mrs Short, both are well and we all miss seeing you in school.


As per usual, I have been in contact with Mrs Hanlon who has been extremely busy and been baking lots, however she has baked so much she is sharing the food with her neighbours which is extremely kind.

Look at some of the food she has been making...



Don't they look amazing. Once again, Mrs Hanlon has set you a challenge. This week she has made some Focaccia bread, her challenge is for you to see if you can make some too.


I hope you have all had a good Easter, I've set you another set of weekly challenges. See below.


Stay safe and I will see you all soon.


Mr Westerby



I hope you are all well and are staying inside.


How has your 2nd week of isolation been? I hope you've managed to keep yourself busy, whether that be CGP books or other activities.


I put on 10 activities to complete last week, how did you all get on with them? Did you all do a chore to help your parents? The word you had to reorganise the letters was TOILET ROLL.


I have had a busy week at home. I've been doing daily exercises to keep fit aswell as eating plenty of fruit. As we are allowed to go out of the house for exercise I have been out on my bike which was nice to go and explore new places.



Along with lots of exercise and fruit, we've also had some naughty homemade cookies. 



I am due to go into school next week for the children whose parents are Key Workers. I am excited to have normality back with me, even if it is for a couple of days. 

I have attached another list of activities for week 2. Some are similar, some are the same and some are brand new. Have a go at them and I will write to you all next week with an update.


Mrs Hanlon is doing well and she misses you all.

I asked Mrs Hanlon for a picture to share with you all of what she has been up to and this is what she sent me.


She has set you a challenge.

Her favourite number is 7.

She says it's the most popular number to be chosen by many. Ask your family, do they agree?

If so why that number?

Can you find a little fun fact about why it's their favourite number.

Ask your family for their favourite numbers and can you put the answers in a chart.





Mr Westerby.



Still image for this video

Hello Everyone,


I hope you're all okay and staying safe.


I've put up a video so I'll keep this short.


I'd love to hear what you have all been up to.

I've been outside most of the week enjoying the glorious sunshine and making sure my garden is looking good, I've been doing daily exercise. I have done a couple of Joe Wicks 9am workouts (check them out if you haven't had chance yet) and I am feeling fitter everyday. It's such a fantastic way to start the day - it really gets your adrenaline pumping.

I've also been playing games to keep my mind active like Bananagrams as seen below.

I've put some challenges for you to complete on the video I've made for you but also I've put those and some more on the attached sheet below.


I am in daily contact with other staff members and we are all doing well. I have spoken with Mrs Hanlon who wanted me to pass on her top tips:

- BE KIND - even though it's hard not to get annoyed at our siblings/family members, just remember to breath and count to 10.

- Don't demand things but be grateful.

- Don't forget your manners, you all have brilliant manners so always use them.

- Keep a diary - It'll be a great story to tell others in the future.

And finally she wants to say that she misses our lovely class and she can't wait to see you all once we are back to normal.


One final part from me, I want you al to make sure you are staying safe and keeping your body active but also keeping your mind active.


I will update you all again next week.


Mr Westerby.



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