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Reception (Mrs Graham)

Echo Reading.

Today we began “echo reading” using one of our favourite books. Mrs Graham read part of the story and we echoed that part of the story back to her. We each had our own copy of the book to look at and point to the text as we ‘read’.

Echo Reading.

Today’s something new, lacing round ‘Bear Hunt’ pictures and filling buckets with porridge using mini spoons.

This week’s Funky Fingers activities.

This weeks Jigsaw celebration for helping others feel welcome goes to Seb!

Today's something new was going across to the P.E hall in the main school and practicing taking off our shoes and socks. We can all take off our own shoes and socks and we tried really hard to put our own socks and shoes back on.

Taking off, and putting on socks and shoes.

Today's something new was our Phonic songs, we are singing the songs and doing the actions each morning, today we sang the songs for /s/ /a/ /t/ /p/.

Floppy's Phonics Sounds and Letters.

Today's something new was 'Kidsafe' we met KS and talked about trusted adults. the names of our trusted adults will be written on a hand shape which will be stuck onto our class 'Trust Tree'.

Kidasfe with KS the monkey.

Today’s something new was ‘Helicopter Stories’. We told our story which was scribed by an adult before we took to the stage to act out our story.

Helicopter Stories.

Jigsaw - PSHE

Today’s something new was Jigsaw, we listened to the ‘calm me’ chime before introducing ourselves to Jigsaw Jenie. We talked about how we all like to play with different toys, and that’s ok, and that we are all ‘unique’ and different. This week we are celebrating people who help others feel welcome.


Showing persistence, trying to balance and walk across the wooden posts.

Our first week in Reception class.

Art Week bear themed activities during transition week.

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